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Rutland County NAPA Pool Leagues

NAPA has created a league called "Ghost 8 Ball" where you can play for money against a "Ghost" player with a random skill level.  You can play alone on any table that you have access to.  Read all about it here: Ghost 8 Ball.

Due to new state regulations, we are creating small Singles and Scotch Doubles sessions.  Sessions can be 8 ball, 9 ball or 10 ball.  A minium of 4 players are needed to start a session,   If you have access to one or more venues that has a pool table and a few people that want to play, we can customize a NAPA session for you.  Venues can include players priviate, in home tables if all session players agree.  Bar venues can have more then 2 teams/players per table because we stagger the time of play.  For example, If a venue has 2 tables, they could field 8 teams.  Four teams would be assigned 7pm as their home venu and four would have 8 pm.  

All skill levels welcome.  Handicap system levels the field.
No team entry fee.  Weekly dues can be $5 or more based on what players agree to.   50% of dues are returned to players in cash and prizes.

Depending on the size of the league, we can pay cash for: Matches won, Break and Run, 8 on the Break, Rackless,
Top Point Male and Female, Team Captains, Top Player on each Team.  Payout can be customized for each session.

Team or Player Sign-up
3 Easy ways to sign up
1  Text “I’m in” with players names to 802-779-2137 or
2  Email me with info to or
3  Call Bob Merkert 802 779-2137
NAPA 8 Ball rules found at


Just call or text for more info to 802-779-2137 or you can email me at

About NAPA


The NAPA was founded in 2009 and is now the fastest growing pool league in North America with over 35,000 members.


The NAPA provides a local ranking as well as a national ranking for all NAPA players. Ranking is determined by the player's skill level, average points per match and win percentage.  Skill levels are divided into classes.

NAPA Classes

  • Grandmaster Class - any player with a skill level of 110 and higher
  • Master Class - any player skill with a level of 90-109
  • Class A - any player with a skill level of 70-89
  • Class B - any player with a skill level of 50-69
  • Class C - any player with a skill level of 30-49
  • Class D - any player with a skill level of 10-29
  • Class E - any player with a skill level of 9 and under

NAPA Nationals

The NAPA holds a yearly singles championship for all qualified NAPA players. The NAPA Nationals is a championship tournament that defines the best NAPA players from North America in each skill level class. All NAPA Player's qualify for the NAPA Nationals directly from their home town without having to play in regional events.

Players can qualify by:

  • Playing on a first place team in their local division
  • Completing a session as Top Point Male or Top Point Female in any local NAPA division
  • Finishing a session as the top point player on their NAPA team
  • Captain a team for an entire session with no more than three (3) forfeits during the session
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Contact Details

  • (+1) 802 779 2137

  • Mon - Sun 8:00am - 10:00 pm

  • PO Box 286, Brandon, VT 05733

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